The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator® is a veterinary diagnostic system used to objectively measure a horse’s movement.

This system is in pristine condition.  It comes with tablet and all accessories.

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The Equinosis Q

The proprietary Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator analysis uses the motion data transmitted by the sensors and algorithms developed from research at the University of Missouri to measure equine lameness.

That research utilized treadmills and high-speed cameras to mathematically characterize normal and impaired gait, measuring vertical acceleration of the torso to determine asymmetries in head and pelvic position between left and right halves of stride.

Translational research adapted the analysis to be used as a convenient, robust, miniaturized system in the field. Data is transmitted wirelessly in real time as the horse is trotted, and the comprehensive lameness assessment is immediately available to the practitioner.

What does the analysis tell you?  The analysis informs the veterinarian of asymmetries in vertical head and pelvic positions between right and left halves of stride indicative of equine lameness.  It indicates which limb or limbs are exhibiting lameness, the amplitude of fore and or hind limb lameness, and lastly, when peak pain is occurring during the stride cycle, i.e. is it a lameness that is primarily “felt” by the horse at impact, mid-stance or push off. The analysis is supplied in a single page report, providing an overall qualitative assessment in a graphical stride plot diagram, as well as individual calculations of asymmetry variables for both fore and hind limbs.


  • Tablet Computer
  • Lameness Locator® Software
  • SD Card
  • Bluetooth® Adapter (2)
  • Activation Magnets (2)
  • Dual-lock Tape
  • Charging Station+
  • Head Sensor+
  • Pelvic Sensor+
  • RF Pastern Sensor+
  • Head Bumper+
  • Pastern Wrap+
  • Pelvic Clip Kit
  • Pelvic Sensor Pads