EN-V3 Veterinary Infusion Pump


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• Universal/open architecture so can be used with any standard IV set
• Resetting rate, volume, air level, occlusion level without stopping infusion
• Infusion rates range from 0.1 ml/h to 2000 ml/h
• Optional WIFI connection to central monitor
• Last therapy for rapid infusion start
• Intuitive keypad
• IP44 waterproof

2-Year Warranty.  Wifi Optional  SPECIAL:  FREE UPGRADE TO A 3-YEAR WARRANTY (a $150 Value)

“The EN-V5 and EN-V3 pumps are wonderfully compact, easy to use, and powerful. They boast a range of capabilities such as fluid rates from 0.10 ml/hr. to 2000.0 ml/hr. with 0.01 ml/hr. increments, patient recording to track drugs and fluids administered to individual patients, and software that can calibrate the pump to every patient need. The pumps are designed to be intuitive to use with colorful icons and onscreen prompts. Learning to use the pumps is quick and easy. The pumps can also be calibrated to an array of IV lines, fluid rates, bolus rates, occlusion pressures, and many changes in patient variations. Enmind also offers different mounting brackets for on cages or on IV poles to fit the situation. The ENv5 vet offers a 4.3” screen LCD touchscreen. The larger screen size and touchscreen function makes learning how to use, navigate, and operate the infusion pump effortless. The Enmind infusion pumps are intuitive, capable, and adaptive.

Without reservation we recommend the Enmind infusion pumps for any small veterinary endeavor.”

Lawrence Nauta DVM

Cedar Animal Hospital