EN-S7P Veterinary Syringe Pump


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The compact EN-S7P Syringe Pump works both on battery and main power supply, which makes it perfect
for veterinary use. Our multi-function syringe pump brings a whole new array of features and benefits to your
day to day fluid therapy requirements.
• Automatic recognition of syringe sizes (5, 10, 20, 30 and 50/60)
• Universal/open architecture so can be used with any standard IV set
• 4.3 inch color touch screen, parameter setting and editing directly
• Multi-function operation with 3 modes:  ml/h (time,rate mode); Body-weight mode and Micro-mode
• Flow rates range from 0.01 ml/h to 1,500 ml/h with increment of 0.01 ml/h
• KVO range from 0.01 to 5 ml/h, editable
• Optional wireless connection to our C7 Central Station
• History record of more than 5000 logs
• 12 hours battery back-up time
• IP24 waterproof, and stackable design

2-Year Warranty.  Wifi Optional  SPECIAL:  FREE UPGRADE TO A 3-YEAR WARRANTY (a $150 Value)


“The EN-S7P Syringe Pump also boasts a visually appealing and user-friendly touchscreen. The syringe pump can accurately deliver small volumes as low as 0.01 mL/h. The syringe can also be calibrated to be used with a variety of syringe/fluid line manufacturers. The software also allows various modes of delivery making it a highly adaptable and versatile tool for your hospital.
Importantly, the customer service provided by Enmind has been very responsive. They stand behind their products and have great patience and follow-up.”

Kendon Kuo, DVM, MSc
Diplomate ACVECC
Associate Clinical Professor
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Department of Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Auburn University